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bonjour voici ma crayonnade d'aujourd'hui...en espérant que ces sigles chinois vous soient utiles dans tous vos scrap!!


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Patti 20/09/2010 01:22

Hello!  Thank you for your freebie of Chinese characters.  My hubby and I went to China and I was hoping to make a digital scrapbook and print a book for a souvenir of our
trip.  Finding Oriental themed items isn't easy so I was excited when I came across your website. 

Thanks again!

Patti in Dallas, TX, USA

Lauralee 30/07/2010 17:31

Thanks for sharing your time and talent on the

New CU Freebies Only Forum!!!

All Good Things!

chinese 27/07/2010 05:56

Do you have any idea what chinese words you are trying to write here?

I know one is "husband", one is "well" (the one with water inside, not the "get well").

One is "Air" but can also means "Angry" or "Gas". And the one on the extreme left does not look like a legitimate Chinese word.

While I applaud your generosity to design and share, please have some respect for the language/

mariscrap 27/07/2010 14:15

Thank you for your trnaslation...but as my title means ...I "tried" to write some chinese symbol.

The title "Chinoiserie" means "It's not perfect at all ..."

I know that the chinese writing is extremely difficult and as I used a graphic tablet it's almost hard...

Thank you for your comment...